Matchmaking for Professionals: How it Works

There are lots of reasons why you might need a matchmaker, and you’re probably wondering what to expect after hiring one. So how does the matchmaking process really work?

Although it may vary slightly depending on which service you choose, the basic process is the same:

She’ll consult with you.

Your consultation should happen either over the phone or in person, and generally lasts 20-60 minutes.

Come to the conversation prepared to outline what qualities you bring to the table as well as your criteria for your matches. You should also be ready to discuss your dating/relationship goals and your expectations for the matchmaking service.

You’ll want to bring a list of questions you’ve prepared to make sure you hire a quality matchmaker, which is easy to put together after reading my FREE Special Report.

If all she seems to want to do during the consultation is get you excited about the possibilities and take your payment info, that’s a bad sign.

Some unethical matchmakers will simply gather the most basic details about you and the person you’d like to meet, and then say something along the lines of:

“Okay, I have 11 great matches for you now and I’m confident that you’ll come out of this in a relationship. If you get started today, I can offer you our special introductory 1-year membership rate of only $4900. You’re actually just in time because it ends today, and it would be $7000 for the same program if we signed you up tomorrow.”

If she hasn’t really gotten to know you and what you’re attracted to yet, how could she possibly be so confident she can successfully match you?

If you have any reason to believe you may not be the easiest person to match, and you get the sense that the matchmaker may be over-promising, proceed with caution. You know how this usually ends.

A reputable matchmaker will give you a straightforward and honest overview of what they have for you at that point in time, even if telling the truth means losing your business.

A sketchy one will enthusiastically claim to have tons of matches just waiting to meet you, but will refuse to let you see their photos or profiles, and may even decline to provide specific details about them before you sign up.

She’ll close the deal.

That’s right, it’s payment time. Prices vary widely depending on which company you choose, ranging from a few hundred dollars for a month of service to $100,000+ a year for a national search with an “elite” agency.

No matter how much you’re paying, make sure you know exactly what to expect for your money. Every detail should be explained, so if you’re looking at a 1+ year agreement term with a four to five figure price tag, how many dates you can expect to go on should be discussed prior to signing on the dotted line.

Some companies guarantee a certain number of matches, but that can be a double edged sword. If the contract’s about to end, and you still have one match to go, your matchmaker might send you on a low-quality date just to fulfill the guarantee. Worse still, she may even offer someone who appears to be a good match for you compensation to meet with you.

With other companies, you pay a one-time fee and the service lasts until you get an agreed upon number of dates, no matter how long it takes. This can be a sign of a shady company, as there’s no time limit specified. When you get angry because it’s taking so long to find a match, she’ll just keep promising to find you a date. And technically there’s no breach of contract, so she’ll also refuse to refund your money.

Most matchmakers are more ethical than this, but these all-too-common behaviors are precisely why you need to select your matchmaker carefully. (For the full scoop on the 7 most common secrets matchmakers don’t want you to know and how to flip them back in your favor, click here to claim your FREE Special Report).

The more elite matchmaking companies for professionals also offer additional services such as image consulting, photo retouching, dating coaches, and even wardrobe makeovers. Your matchmaker might observe you on a date and provide feedback, or make a home visit and suggest improvements. Although these services cost extra, depending on your situation they might be a great investment.

She’ll interview you.

Get ready to talk about yourself. A lot. She has to get a feel for your personality in order to find suitable matches for you. The interview might take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, and is done in person or over the phone. Be ready to discuss:

    • What has and hasn’t worked well for you in past relationships
    • Your relationship goals
    • Your values
    • What you’re looking for in a partner
    • What “dealbreakers” you have

These topics are just the tip of the iceberg, and you’ll want to put some thought into them. The more specific information you provide, the easier it is for a matchmaker to screen potential candidates and find your perfect partner.

She’ll screen potential matches.

Matchmakers build their database from a variety of different sources. One NYC-based matchmaker told the NY Times that she hangs out wherever affluent, attractive people tend to congregate:

“Whether I’m at a restaurant, a play or sitting in an airplane, I will start a conversation with anyone, anywhere, anytime. That person may turn out to be a perfect client. Or the perfect woman for one of my clients.”

Other matchmakers stick to pairing within their own pool of paid clients, or pull candidates from sources like online dating sites, their own social networks, and social events they host. A reputable matchmaker will be up front as to where they find their candidates.

Your matchmaker will compile a file of your preferences and choose candidates accordingly. Some matchmakers will show you a photo before you accept the match, but others will insist that the first date should be blind.

The matchmakers who advocate blind dates will insist that chemistry is based on more than just looks and the only way to know if you have it is to meet in person. If you feel strongly about seeing a photograph prior to meeting someone, then that’s something to ask before you hire a matchmaker.

And finally… she’ll make an introduction.

Whether it’s a date or a phone number, you’ll get in contact with your pre-screened, carefully selected match. What happens next is up to you…

Now that you know what to expect once you hire a matchmaker, the next step is to find the right one for you. The good news is there are thousands to choose from. The bad news is they vary in quality from excellent ones who greatly increase your chances of finding “the one” to scammers who will take your money and run.

How do you ensure you’re making a wise decision?

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